A red carpet movie premiere is one event you should always get right, especially with dressing.

Dressing well is a boost for your self-confidence and helps to avoid embarrassment.

actress-825670_1920The camera may not catch you.

However, you don’t want to be looking over your shoulder all the time.

So, read on if you are wondering about what not to wear at a red carpet movie premiere.

Leave the 1970 Jean Jacket Alone

Getting a floor-length dress for the red carpet is, in fact, the best idea.

And even though you may not step on the carpet throughout the party, you need to be prepared just in case.

Sometimes, the fashion cops man the premiere at every inch. They are always out there looking to populate the caught’ section of their magazine.

So, let the 1970 jean jacket wait for a different occasion.

Follow the Dress Code

Not all red carpet premieres require the invitees to stick to a dress code.

In fact, it is always anything goes.denise-richards-401933_1280

Ricci DeMartino says, “…there is usually no dress codes…” while commenting on whether a movie premiere like other events has a dress code.

However, to avoid the uncomfortable moments, stick to what the buzz has as the dressing code.

You can trust the showbiz news outlets will get you this information way before you ask.

Should I Wear a Pajama?

No. When confronted with the question of what to wear at a red carpet movie premiere, some people will tell you to check out photos of celebrities.

You might be inspired to see a particular star in a pajama. Or not just one celebrity.

Maybe almost 30% of the people who came to the event in question sported pajamas.

If that is the case, assume they had a dress code.

A good example is the Princess Diaries 2’s red carpet premiere in Australia where everyone was encouraged to wear a pajama.

charlize-theron-79562_1920In conclusion, it is nice to know what to wear, and not just what not to.

For ladies, wear something casual and dressy.

Anything that walks that line is fine. For example, a sundress will work. For men, a casual blazer does the trick.

In general, it is better to feel overdressed than to go to an event and find everyone in jeans. Being an odd one out is not an option.

But blending in is the point.

What not to wear at a red carpet movie premiere just points you to what to wear.