Wentworth, an Australian series season four is now available. In fact, it is the ideal series that can fill that gap in your heart. It starts with the incarceration of an offender for the first time. Rather than smuggling drugs for her Bea Smith, who happens to be her lesbian lover, Danielle is sentenced to Prison. The name of the Prison is Wentworth Prison, hence the name of the series. She is charged with attempted murder of her husband. She also finds herself in the midst of power struggle inside the prison.

The governor of the prison is killed during one of gv23eetd62y3e7u22i829292the riots. After this, the administration starts a serious crackdown on inmates. This is meant to uncover the prisoners behind the crime. This is when a mystery series and drama rolls in. You will find it better than the majority of the dramas you have been watching on your cable TV. The following are reasons to watch this series.

Reasons to watch Wentworth

Real prison life

You are brought into real dark territory and life in prison. It is true there are some cases of humor, but it is filled with gritty violence. A single episode features a combination of murder, rape, mutilations, and gang beatings. In fact, these ladies make life in this territory unbearable. It leaves viewers to watch the life outside bars.

Perfect binge-watch

You will find every episode infused with some sense of purpose. Questions are answered quickly and conflicts resolved. Most endings will leave you infused to your TV. The new governor (an equal of American prison warder) is sadistic, and transgender inmates are introduced, all these make the season more compelling.

Women are badass

When watchitg3ed6y237eu28i29i292ng Wentworth, you will find out how Bea embraces the dark side of life, which she did not know. With time, it becomes difficult to root for her without reservation. Fortunately, the series is not about a single character. This prison is full of sympathetic women that are victims of the socio-economic situations, instead of true criminals. The good thing about wentworth season 4 is that they do not shy away from the reality of the situation. The prison is filled with bad people and hardcore criminals. This makes characters appear and feel more real.

Guards are like prisoners

Wentworth prison is made of behavioral enforcers that hover around the periphery. Every governor and guard are offered as much development and attention as the inmates. you will discover how fascinating lives are inside and outside the prison.