When it comes to photography, the type of camera that you use is very important. Good photography involves a combination of good skills and the use of a good camera. The iPhone is one of the smart phones that have the best cameras. With an iPhone, it is possible to take good quality pictures just like when another type of camera. You can get iphones for free and enjoy your photography skills. However, it is important to learn how to use the phone well. Learning how to make the right shots with your iPhone will help you in achieving the best pictures.

Tips on taking photos with your iPhone

Creative angle shots

The reason why most of the iPhone pictures look similar is that of the shooting angle. People will always take pictures of the chest position and height, and this makes all the photos to look the same. You can always make shooting photos from your phone look unique and interesting by using different angles. Try adjusting the position of your phone, and you will notice that you get a different image altogether.

Depth is important

When it comes to any photography, depth is important. There are several ways of adding depth to your photo when using an iPhone. Look for features that will draw interest to the picture even when shooting the main subject. Background features such as oceans, roads, rocks and even plants have a way of adding depth to any photo. They will distract people from the main subject momentarily and bring out the beauty of the photo.

Capture details

There is always beauty in the details of everything. When you want to take the details of the subject, you need to focus your iPhone lens as much as possible. Sometimes it might be difficult to focus, but you can always add a microlens to your camera to make it easy to focus on the small details when taking your picture.

Silhouette photo

Silhouette photos are interesting and offer a unique alternative to photography. When taking this photo, you have to take images against the camera. When you take the subject against the light, you will only be able to see the shape without necessarily seeing the details of the photo. It almost looks like a shadow, and you might not see the subject in fine details.

taking a photo


Filters are a great way to add details to your picture. iPhones have many filters depending on the kind of effect that you want to show.