In the long-running science-fiction movies, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was an entertaining chapter. After the negativity that surrounded its director, The Force Awakens that Star Wars continues to be an audience-exciting blockbuster property, which could deliver nostalgic thrills, which long-time fans are seeking. Moreover, it is introducing another generation to the world. In the Rogue One movie, the story is quite different. You can check this move at This is because it is a movie of ongoing saga and one feels familiar but different. It is also an indication that the owners want to take this franchise to a completely new different direction.

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Gareth Edwards makes his intention clear by preceding the major series. The movie is set before events of A New Hope during the time of turmoil for the galaxy. A known Empire is creating a super weapon that would destroy the whole planet. The weapon is known as the Death Star, and it is aided by a renowned scientist, Galen Also. Fortunately, the Rebel Alliance gets to know this fact via the Imperial defector, who is an estranged daughter of Jyn. She was set to try and steal the plans for the weapon so that it could be destroyed. In fact, it is a simple set-up, which movie fans have been waiting for several years.


Although Abrams was quite careful to reintroduce the universe to the audience, rather he plunges his audience direct to the new story. The first 30 minutes is packed with planet-hopping, expositional dialogue, and character introductions. This leads to the point that is very difficult to keep up.

New characters

As the missiortf3wed5t236ey272u822n is on, new characters keep on emerging. For instance, the superstar Donnie Yen emerges as a blind monk. Also, there are other appearances from familiar characters from previous movies. Some of them are amusing cameos, and others are quite integral to the plot. After the movie hits the stride, it is then executed with verve and confidence. A lot has been written about the movie, and this is no troubled production evidence. The director has tried to combine different practical effects, which make the film to slot in perfectly to the timeline and deliver sort of action set-pieces, which modern audiences find quite impressive.

You will also find the scale of action, more so the climax, are a level that could be achieved in the early 80s. Rather, the director makes the movie feel more intense and grittier than before.